Dominique Cojuangco, mana sa inang si Gretchen Barretto

LIKE HER mom Gretchen Barretto ay palaban din pala itong si Dominique Cojuangco. Isang follower kasi niya sa Instagram ang nang-bash sa kanya.

“Kaya pag namatay dad mo 1/4 lahat mamanahin mo kasi anak ka sa Labas,” one @annelaspag commented on a photo posted by Dominique where she was with Taylor Lautner and Juliana Gomez.

Hindi nakapagtimpi si Dominique at nag-react. “@annelaspag I don’t usually reply to crude comments, but: Whether I get anything or nothing, when he passes, means nothing to me. My dad has given me all the love, memories, and opportunities in the world. And among all things, he’s also given me many life lessons – one simply being to have faith in God as well as in myself. I was able to study in one of the best schools in the Philippines and is about to pay for my education in London. From that, all I want to do is to be able to achieve as much as I can with the confidence that I’ve been given the education that many people are able to receive. Though materialistic things are needed for me to have had the education I’ve been given and will be given, money and education only goes so far. After that, positivity and your actions are what will give you success and happiness… Which is what both my parents have instilled in me from a young age. The love and the amount of memories he’s given me from the moment I was born onwards, is enough for more than one lifetime. The lessons are a bonus. That’s more than enough, for me. God bless you and your family. I pray that you one day find that importance lies within things other than those that are tangible and materialistic,” mahabang litanya ni Dominique na lumabas sa isang website.

Megan Young, sigurado na sa Miss World crown!


NAPA-CRY ANG beauty ni Megan Young sa send-off party ng Miss World Philippines nang sabihin ni Cory Quirino ang good words ni Julia Morley, ang head ng Miss World.

“Congratulations, Cory, for a very lovely Miss World Philippines. I look forward to welcoming her to Jakarta, Indonesia. See you at the Miss World pageant”. sabi raw ni Julia kay Cory at idinagdag nitong “for the very first time that I received encouraging words from the licensees. They  have actually told me (that) “‘we believe this time the crown will go to the Philippines’.”

Napaiyak si Megan sa mga sinabi ni Cory. “Hindi po ako handa para rito. I didn’t know that Ms. Cory is going to announce that kasi I’m really emotional,” sabi ng dalaga na confident na malaki ang chance niya na manalo.

“There’s so much expectations from me but I’ll gonna work and I’ll gonna win it, I’ll gonna represent the country like anything and prove to them that the Philippines is strong this year at may laban tayo. Ipakikita natin sa kanila na we’re worth the blue crown, that we’re worthy spokespersons to showcase to the world that we Filipinos are intellectual, that we Filipinos are able to converse with other nations and I’m sure all candidates are like that. But we’re going to show that we have something else, that we have spark out there and are willing to help out in the world,” sabi niya.

Marc Nelson, nagka-injury na sa sports show pero sige pa rin

ENJOY SI Marc Nelson sa Sports Unlimited na he’s doing for twelve years na.

“We just came back from Davao last week and had a wonderful time there. It’s my passion. I love it. I hope the show never ends,” sabi niya sa amin noong i-launch siya bilang endorser ng LifeProof Fre Cases, isang brand ng cases for smartphones and tablets.

Nagka-injury na siya while doing the show.

“The most injury are… I’ve damaged my knees with wakeboarding but that actually happened when I wasn’t shooting… when actually I was playing around,” sagot niya.

Hindi ba niya nisip mag-quit dahil sa injury? Hindi naman daw.

“I get bumps and bruises, scratches, muscle aches and pains from doing the  rigors of the show but it’s nothing that my body doesn’t get over after a couple of days. I think the important thing is going out there and give everything a try. You have to make sure that the safety precaution is in place. Make sure that you’re going with reputable people who know what they are talking about, have a good safety record and of course obey the rules,” say niya.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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