Ryan Christopher, itinadhanang maging singer-songwriter

Ryan-ChristopherFATE IS what brings us to our calling and Acoustic Prince Ryan Christopher seems fated to be a songwriter and a singer rather than an actor.

With his height, he’s a shoo in for showbiz but he chose to be what he is now.

Wala siyang  formal training sa music except for some piano lessons. He learned to play the guitar oido style.

“Nu’ng high school pa ako hindi ko akalain na magiging musikero pala ako. Nu’ng nandoon ako sa UK, ano ako, accountant. I got to meet so many people. I met Justin Bieber, Drake, Toni Braxton. ‘Hi, puwede ba magpa-picture.’ Then I met some producers. I played for them tapos naging session player na rin ako sa recording studio. When artists came, I play the keyboards,” Ryan related.

“Eventually, my producer got to LA. He said, ‘Bro, you want to go to LA? We will totally manage your career.’ I thought about it.”

What he actually sought was some signs kung dapat na syang mag-move sa LA and it came in many different forms.

“I saw an ad like moving to LA” while driving. I was like, ‘wooh, this is a message.’ I saw a billboard, a show, “Californication”. And I thought, that’s another sign. Pagdating ko ng LA, I started doing music. I actually released two albums. I wrote for TV shows, commercials. I did scoring for TV shows, small budget TV shows, bigger budget TV shows. Doon sa recording studio ko na-realize na music talaga ang gusto ko.”

Ryan Christopher’s self-titled album contains six original songs namely “Lovelight”, “So I Guess”, “Hey You”, “Mr. Sun”, “Little Lies” and “Dreams” all released by Ivory Music and Video.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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