Lea Salonga, binakbak nang husto sa Twitter

Lea-SalongaLEA SALONGA might probably react on tweets by a certain @dudeinterrupted who took a swipe at her. Tunay na nakakaloka ang tweets ni @dudeinterrupted.

“Tita @MsLeaSalonga is trying to be a witty elitist who looks down on people with different notions. True quality of a plasticada,” panimula ni @dudeinterrupted.

The second was mas nakaloka as he said, “From my chichi hijada, @MsLeaSalonga is seething with envy everytime Pacquiao receives a hero’s welcome. She never had it during her prime.”

“Puede ba Lea Salonga was never included in Time’s 100 Most Influential People even at her prime, unlike Pacquiao, Zhang Ziyi. Haugh haugh!”

‘Yan ang huling banat ni @dudeinterrupted kay Lea.

Ano kaya ang matinding galit ni @dudeinterrupted kay Lea? Palampasin kaya ng Broadway superstar ang mga tweets niyang ito?

Naku, baka magkaroon ng Twitter war between the two.

Lea, can you comment on @dudeinterrupted’s tweet? May we have your side?

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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