KPOP Album Review: Dimension: Dilemma by ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN, one of the freshest, most versatile young performers of South Korea had finally released their first studio album, Dimension: Dilemma. The album was released last October 12 under the labels Belift Lab. Genie and Stone.

The album is currently number 1 in South Korea and Japan. Dimension: Dilemma has a total of eight tracks and total listening minutes of 22:14.

Here is my honest review of the songs.

Intro: Whiteout

I feel that aside from the wonderful music that my ears heard, whiteout also is a wonderfully made visual album. I’m talking about the video. It feels like it specifically talks about something – living, yet at the same time is so wide in its scope. Am I making sense? As such, this is a wonderfully made track that introduces the theme of the entire album.


After watching the video of Tamed-Dashed, I realized that Enhypen is relatively a new boy group and that this album is their first full album. Honestly it doesn’t show that they are less than a year old since their debut because their music and video is so darn good! It’s amazing how far they had come. Also, the song just gets better and better the more you listen to it! I also won’t say no to watching our boys having the time of their lives in this music video! Win!

Upper Side Dreamin

This is the third track I’ve listened to and can I just say that the song is catchy! Also, three things have imprinted in my mind. Number 1, Jay’s voice is just unreal! In this song, he managed to showcase his vocals, which we as fans are all thankful for. Number 2, Sunoo’s vocals are beautiful. There I said it. Although I think that he deserves more lines. Number 3, Heesung is just insane. After watching numerous performance, I think he has one of the most stable voices, and he is also good in any part of the song! Talent indeed!

Just a Little Bit

Is it just me or I think this song sounds like a 2000s song? I’m not complaining though! It feels like the sorbet you eat in between courses, this song is an ear-cleanser, so to speak, for the next songs. Different but needed. Also, Heeseung’s triple high notes got my two eyebrows raised! All I can say is that this song, Heeseung definitely owned it! His vocals and vocal range are just out of this world!

Go Big or Go Home

Wow is the first expression that came to me after I listened to this masterpiece. For one, this is so different or very unusual for HYBE artists. Refreshing? Yes! As I listened further, this sounded very British! I’m not even mad at it. In fact, this is my most favorite track in the album, as what the kids say these days – bop!


Blockbuster is the song I would exercise to while imagining myself in a blockbuster movie of sorts. Aside from the obviously great vocals and arrangement, let me take this opportunity to say that Yeonjun should have more rap lines like this in TXT songs. His rap potential still remains untapped and if TXT decides to make the most of it, then their album would be a great hit. Anyway, the vocals of the boys plus the superb rap of Yeonjun is such a deadly combination.

Attention, Please

What happens when two great things -Enhypen and rock – are put together? Perfection. That is what happens. Compared to the other songs in the album, I think that this song is the range that the boys are comfortable to sing in. If my ears have eyes, then I would definitely say that the boys are having fun and enjoying during the recording of this song!

Interlude: Question

After the roller coaster emotions that listening to this album entails, this track is such as nice way to wrap things up. Just as how it started, Question nicely acts as the cherry on top to a well-rounded album.

So, what do you guys think of the album? Isn’t it such a refreshing and entertaining one? If you haven’t listened to it yet, please do so in their official Spotify accounts! Have fun!

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